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Realizing aging care* that utilizes stem cell research
The latest class of aging care mechanism

*Aging care refers care with cosmetics
suitable for the user’s age


Bringing ingredients developed from stem cell research to your skin

100% Japanese-made Human Stem Cell Culture

Human adipocyte conditioned media extract is media extract from culturing stem cells.
It contains large amounts of factors that create a smooth and resilient skin texture as well as firming the skin.

  • Improved skin texture
  • Smoothness
  • Lustrous firmness, elasticity
  • Glow


Uses generous amounts of moisturizing factors for beautiful skin based on the latest stem cell research


Increases the skin’s own SOD (superoxide dismutase) and antioxidizing power when it activates cells


Creates skin with a smooth and refined texture that you’ll want to reach out and touch


Softens the skin and targets old skin cells

>Supporting natural turnover
>Achieving smooth skin without dullness


Combines with hyaluronic acid for increased elasticity



Pursuing beauty regardless of age

Conditioning as your skin foundation

Our products contain a class of cutting-edge ingredients, inspired by cellular research, that give the entire keratin layer the moisture and firmness crucial for your skin.

  • Skin elasticity
  • Smoothness
  • Skin moisture
  • Firmness and Smooth Texture


Superb penetration power and moisture preserving power*to the keratin layer


hundreds of moisture factors


Hyaluronic acid that stays at the keratin layer, giving the skin elasticity

Beauty Column

“Telomere Theory”
Telomerase lengthens telomeres
and is the key to rejuvenation

What are telomeres?

A structure at the ends of chromosomes. It serves to protect the ends of the chromosome. This mechanism is also found in the human body.



What happens when telomeres get shorter?

Because telomere length is proportional to the aging of your skin, this is a significant factor in the aging of your body.

Telomerase protects the telomere.

It replicates cells continuously while maintaining long and beautiful telomeres. It is an enzyme that can re-lengthen even already shortened telomeres.


Maintaining dewy, moisturized skin using ingredients
developed from cellular and genetic research.

Ingredients derived from sirtuin genes

Sirtuin genes are also known as “the longevity gene” or “the youth-restoring gene.”

  • Protection from stimuli
  • Care for dryness
  • Barrier function support
  • Moisture retention


Finer penetration that effectively brings moisture
to every part of the keratin layer

The world’s smallest class of hyaluronic acid “HA-4.”

HA-4, at 1/1750 the size of standard hyaluronic acid, is the smallest class of hyaluronic acid in the world.
It reaches every last part of the keratin layer and gives the skin an elastic firmness.

  • Highly effective moisturizing
    and moisture retention
  • Continuous moisturizing
    and moisture retention effect
  • Supports skin firmness and elasticity
  • Supports the skin’s barrier function

Carefully selected beauty ingredients

Formulated with a high concentration of fullerenes

Cares for skin irritated by seasonal changes

The benefits of fullerenes are maintaining healthy skin and giving it a smooth texture.


Cropure Shea Butter -SO-

Contains Shea Butter for Increased Skin Moisture
Maintains beauty from within* the skin*the keratin layer

Plant oil taken from sapotaceae vegetable vitellaria paradoxa seeds.
The seed germ is processed to make shea butter, and the percentage of total lipid content inside the seed is 34 - 57%.


Eight additives not included out of consideration for your skin
Thanks to our natural ingredients, even those with sensitive skin can use our products daily

Directions for Use

Brand Concept


Has a vacuum-packed structure that ensures product freshness when used.
Individual packaging ensures this luxuriously formulated beauty formula has a fresh feel when it reaches your skin.


Packaged immediately after manufacture
Packed to minimize contact with the air and maintain freshness.


Vacuum-packed Structure
No oxidation occurs after packaging, so the product stays fresh up until the time of use.


Convenient for carrying with you
Put just as many as you need in your bag. Also very convenient for going out or traveling, etc.



Hold the packet as shown in the illustration


Fold along the line and press the product out of the packet


After conditioning your skin with lotion or toner, take an appropriate amount of product in the palm of your hand and apply it to your face in several places. Spread it outward, and then upward.


Gently press the product into your face using the palms of both hands as though blending it into your skin.

*Recommended for use
down to the neck or chest area.
During periods of dry air or when you notice dryness,
please layer the product as needed.

SERUM90 packets

SERUM&CREAM90 / 60 packets

CREAM60 packets


This guide contains information for customers
who would like to purchase our products.
Please consult this guide
if you have any questions
regarding how to purchase items.