1. Privacy Policy Declaration
K.K. TMK (hereinafter “our company”) makes every effort to ensure appropriate protections for all information related to our customers obtained in the process of providing them with safe, secure and trustworthy service (hereinafter “personal information”), in accordance with our information handling guidelines.

2. Privacy Policy
(1) Our company complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the Telecommunications Business Act ensuring secrecy of communications, and other related laws and ordinances.
(2) Our company complies the guidelines related to privacy protection in the Telecommunications Business Act (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Bulletin No. 695 of 2004).
(3) All information handled by our company is managed appropriately.
(4) Everyone engaged in work at our company protects all personal information of our customers with an awareness of the trust placed in them by customers.
(5) Our company conducts the necessary and appropriate information management procedures, as well as continuously working to improve them, to prevent unauthorized access to information, as well as the loss, destruction, alteration or leaking of information.

3. Regarding the handling of personal information
(1) Specifying the purpose of use
Our company uses personal information such as names, addresses and telephone numbers for the purposes listed below.
This information is used for providing company services, confirming member identity, billing, responding to inquiries, providing notification of changes or termination of company services, etc., notification of other services provided by our company, and introducing various events and campaigns.
(2) Disclosure of personal information
When our company receives a customer request for disclosure of their personal information or intent to amend their personal information, we process these requests swiftly after confirming the customer’s identity.
(3) Use and provision of personal information
We obtain private customer information within the scope necessary for providing our services, and our use and provision of personal information is within the scope of the purposes listed above.
(4) Providing information to third parties
Along with using personal information only for the purposes for which it was obtained, we utilize appropriate management methods, notify customers to obtain consent regarding how their information will be used, and do not disclose or provide personal information to third parties. However, these restrictions do not apply when disclosure of personal information is requested by public institutions such as the government or the police, etc., or when it is required to protect life, physical safety or financial assets.

4. Inquiries regarding personal information
Please send any inquiries regarding the handling of personal information held by our company to the e-mail address below.

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