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We called it Stem-BONBON,
meaning only good can happen to your skin.

This product was born of a desire to let users know
just how beautiful their skin can be.

So, “showcasing skin’s maximum performance”
was our focus in developing this formula.

Stem-BONBON is a skin beautifier.
To achieve this,
it enhances the cellular foundations of beauty,
making it a cosmetic product that can truly be said to
“work behind the scenes.”

Our greatest desire is to be there,
supporting you every step of the way, at every milestone.
May each chapter in the story that’s your life
—your work, your childrearing and more—
be joyful and beauty-filled, year after year.

Let beauty shine on—powerful, luxuriant, dazzling!
Company NameTMK Co., Ltd.
Representative DirectorYuka Ikezaki
Address5-10-19 Minami-aoyama,
Minato-ku, Tokyo
(cannot be called from outside Japan)
e-mail addressinfo@stem-bobon.com
Website URLwww.stem-bonbon.com

SERUM90 packets

SERUM&CREAM90 / 60 packets

CREAM60 packets


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