SERUM 90 & CREAM 60(60ml/60g)

A set of beauty serum and cream luxuriously formulated with 100% Japanese-made human stem cell culture and carefully selected beauty ingredients.


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Product characteristics

Carefully selected beauty ingredients(SERUM)

  • Highly
  • Neosolue-Aqulio

    An amphiphilic ester that is soluble in both water and oil (*skin conditioning ingredient)

Penetrates rapidly and maintains a silky-smooth texture.
Reliably delivers the highly concentrated formula deep into the skin.
  • Highly
  • Fullerenes

    Makes skin healthy and smooth

Cares for skin irritated by seasonal changes.
For skin with good moisture balance.
  • Highly

    Firming and elasticity care for the face and body

Apply it on your face in an upward motion
to keep your skin remarkably firm and elastic.
  • Gold colloidal solution

    Gold colloidal particle size of 1 μm or less

Penetrates the keratin layer for lustrous and smooth skin.
Cares for all types of wrinkles on the face and body.
  • Proteoglycans

    A smooth feel, but with high moisture retaining power

Encourages the creation of hyaluronic acid
and collagen that is reduced with aging.

Carefully selected beauty ingredients(CREAM)

  • Succinoyl Atelocollagen

    Removes soluble collagen allergen substances with enzymes.

Rapid penetration
Filling the entire cuticle with moisture.
  • Cropure Shea Butter – SO –

    Plant oil taken from sapotaceae vegetable vitellaria paradoxa seeds

Low viscosity for a smooth feel.
Highly effective moisturizing with long-chain fatty acids, etc.
  • Hyalo-oligo

    A smooth, less sticky feeling when used

Superb moisture retaining power that penetrates deeply into the skin (to the keratin layer).
  • Acetylated hyaluronic acid

    A new hyaluronic acid with both hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties

Improves affinity to the skin.

Product Information

Product Information

Country of originJapan

Number of packets90/60

Quantity (in total)60ml/60g

Outer package dimensions105mm×80mm×55mm

WeightApprox. 700g

Directions for use


Hold the packet as shown in the illustration.


Fold along the line and press the contents out of the packet


After conditioning your skin with lotion or toner, take an appropriate amount of product in the palm of your hand and apply it to your face in several places. Spread it outward, and then upward.


Gently press the product into your face using the palms of both hands as though blending it into your skin.

Other Information

Our skin products can be used on all skin types and by people of all ages.
They can be used for people with oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, normal skin, thin skin and thick skin, etc.
With the exception of our sample kits, all the products are sent in packages wrapped with decorative strings.